10bii Financial Calculator App Reviews

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better than the original !

Better than I thought and extremely useful.

Great tool for MBA students.


This app is very good. This is good for mortgage calculations


Great App! I use it all the time.


This app is an amazing value. I use a HP 10 Bii every day for work for the last 3 years and will easily see this replacing it in every instance other that multiple calculator work at my desk. Though that being said the saved calculations feature may prove to replace that as well. I wish it had a canadian localization for some of the cooler features such as easy calc with email export however even without it, this calculator app is mind blowing that it beats my 100$ store bought calc hands down. Just buy it you will be very happy with it.

Great app.

I raved about this app during my first week of use. Its exactly like the physical calculator and then has extra! It really does require reading of the 10bii PDF that is an extensive document with examples. In a nutshell, its worth every cent and its the best one out there. (I researched them all and this won --hands down- no regrets. ) I give it a 5 or full stars. --cmac

Simply awesome!!

Just started taking notice of how I spent my hard earned money and stumbled on this amazing, daunting at first, little app. I calculated one amort table for only one loan and noticed a discrepancy in the payment amount. Contacted the bank. Not only did I not buy their explanation, but also learned that I was paying way more interest than I should!! Just that amount saved by switching this balance to a lower interest is enough to buy this app over and over and over. Get this app, dont be afraid of its look, follow the tutorials and start looking at your financials...you will not regret it!!!

some function are different from the real calculator

the amor only have 2 decimal

Its great!

I use it to replace physical calculator as there is more data to be displayed,and you also do not carry another calculator. More than that,you got the full mortgage list for month(if you choose month). It is awesome! By the way,please be ware that,as I am here in Canada,and the rate here in Canada is half year compounded,which is different from US,so some easy calculator might get the wrong result.

Great App

Works perfectly!


Its ok for the price

Best App for me

Love the simplicity and tutorial videos. Thanks team!

Super useful

Great for school, finance and real-estate! My go-to calculator !

Seems to work great

I really like the app and it does everything I want it too and If the RND button worked I would give it a 5 star rating.

Great app!

I dont rate 5-stars often. This app just works, and is exactly what I need for my work. It has become my go-to mobile calculator, and Ive tried out many. I use the finance calculations, especial cost/price/margin, everyday in my work. I checked the functionality of the RND button that another reviewer dinged the app for, and it works. Some of the functionality of the app is a little odd, an HP thing. I had trouble figuring out some other functions, and actually found a sequence of button presses that would crash the app. I emailed the developer, and within an hour had a link to the full HP manual for the calculator that I downloaded, and a request from them on how to replicate the crash so they could fix the bug. Great app, Excellent support!!

Exactly what I expected

I have the actual calculator and have used it for years. It is simple and the formulas are logical and easy to follow. Great purchase. Highly recommend for all the basic financial calculations.

Great app

Easy to use. Easy to learn. Excellent features.

Better than the real thing

I needed this for class and I like it better than the actual HP.

Amazing App

This is an unbelievable financial calculator. If you have need for one, this is an absolute must purchase. Quickly pull up an amortization schedule and immediately email a PDF form of it. Cannot say enough good things about it.

HIC Estates

I love this app. I personally use it five to 10 times a day

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